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Get up to speed with our API, and use the tools and documentation you need to build powerful solutions with your own software and app.  Choose which modules you want to add to your software and apps such as PIN generation only. Get unprecedented security and encryption with 5G IoT.


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Use our API’s to retrieve data for Smart Lock with the given id. Delete a Smart Lock by providing the Smart Lock ID as a parameter. Return a list containing full data of all Smart Locks. Lock or unlock a Smart Lock by providing Smart Lock ID as a parameter and locked state in request body with JSON format for "locked" key set to a boolean value.. Create a Smart lock by providing details in the request body and more.

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Users module

Add the users/user groups module to your own software/app so you can set rules and access rights for your staff, visitors, users 


Events module

View who opened which smartlock at which time, and with which method (e.g smartphone, keycards, software)

You can choose which modules you want to add to your own software and app. Choose one, a few or choose them all, its up to you.


Smartlock controls

You can place the remote unlock and cancel button anywhere in your software/app, so that its easy to interact with your smartlocks


Digital keys requests

Enable your end-users to generate digital keys for locks and send this request to managers who can approve in their email 


Create digital keys

Create time-sensitive digital keys with a booking calendar interface, and send to user with automatic email/app download


Write to cards

With this module you can write your digital keys to a NFC card and use the NFC card for unlocking.


Lock status module

This module lets you view the current live battery status, current signal strength and whether the smartlocks is opened or closed


QR code module

With this module, you can scan a QR code on the lock and this can pull up the details about that lock and unlock it.


Tracking module

Add this module to your app so that your users can plot paths to your smartlocks locations and find on locks on site


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