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Seamlessly integrate with your own software and apps using our API.

Our API tools and documentation will enable you to create robust solutions that are compatible with your software and app.



Streamline your asset management with smart access API's

Choose the smartlock API modules that best fits your needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your infrastructure is protected by advanced security technology with your software/apps


Users module

Events module

Smartlock controls

Add the users/user groups module to your own software/app so you can set rules and access rights for your staff, visitors, users 

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Add a table so you can view who opened which smartlock at which time, and with which method (e.g smartphone, keycards, software)

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You can place the remote unlock and cancel button anywhere in your software/app, so that its easy to interact with your smartlocks

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Create digital keys

Create time-sensitive digital keys with a booking calendar interface, and send to user with automatic email/app download

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Developer API's

Our Developer API offers various modules for you to add our smart access control features to your software and apps, including the option to generate time-sensitive PINs and digital keys. You can utilize our API to retrieve data for a Smart Lock based on its unique ID or delete a Smart Lock by providing its ID as a parameter.


Take charge with our API's comprehensive capabilities

Access a list containing complete data for all Smart Locks using our API, and lock or unlock a Smart Lock by providing its ID as a parameter and specifying the locked state in the request body using the JSON format, with the "locked" key set to a boolean value. Additionally, you can create a Smart Lock by providing details in the request body and more.

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