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I've lost my phone/had it stolen, or a user/guest has lost their phone/had it stolen - what should I do?

Updated on 15/8/2023

If you've lost your phone (and you don't have a passcode on your phone to stop anyone logging into your lost phone), take the following steps to delete the digital key.

1. Log into your Asset Management Software account 

2. Choose the Digital Key(s) of your name/user name from the Digital Keys table, and click the delete button. If there are multiple digital keys for multiple locks, make sure to delete all digital keys.

3. The Digital Key will instantly be deleted from the system, and the card icon in the users Digital Keys app will disappear, and they will no longer have access (they won't be able to unlock anymore). 

4. Ask your Digital Keys Account Administrator for a new keycard, or a new digital key for app unlocking (on new phone or a friends phone or family members phone, or neighbours phone for temporary use if you are locked out)

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