The most secure, reliable and user-friendly internet connected access control system with no Wi-Fi, no onsite equipment or network infrastructure and with long battery life.

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Introducing NB-IoT Smart Access

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Connected access for your assets  

Utilising a new communications technology built by telecommunication companies on their mobile networks, specifically designed for smart devices called Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) (part of the 5G standards) it means you can get connected access without onsite power, onsite infrastructure, onsite cabling, onsite Wi-Fi, or onsite PC's. 

Mobile network security

With inbuilt SIMs, our NB IoT smartlocks connect to the NB-IoT on the telco's mobile phone networks, taking advantage of the networks enhanced security 

Long battery life - 2 years 4AA's

Devices stay asleep and are only woken up to receive commands or to send data such as live audits, maximising battery consumption

Digital Keys unlocking

Opening methods include smartphone unlock, time-sensitive PIN, keycard unlock(NFC) and remote unlock in our lock management software.

Features to improve your security

It's easy to manage your assets from anywhere and improve your security with NB-IoT smart access. Play our video below to learn more.

Over the last 50 years the telco’s have spent tens of billions of dollars on perfecting security features in their mobile networks, and now it’s finally available for use in smartlocks and other smart home devices.  

By removing onsite power and infrastructure, for the first time ever, access control systems commonly found in offices and hotels, can be offered anywhere. And much more.....


Only you have access to your data, which is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in local countries...learn more

Here's why our customers and partners choose us

Check out our customer stories and find out how our NB-IoT Smart Access is making their properties more secure, more convenient and more reliable 

“Solutions like Digital Keys with an intelligent lock, highlight the multiple applications offered by our NB-IoT network, which opens up a new world of possibilities for IoT projects like this one and it allows the market to bring innovative solutions that bring efficiency and security to customers". 


Our NB-IoT Smartlock Products

Check out our range of NB IoT smart locks for commercial, residential and industrial use anywhere

NB IoT Lever Lock

The ultimate smart lock for exterior/ interior use, commercial properties

NB IoT Padlock

Lock anything, anywhere from lockers to cabinets with the NB-IoT padlock and digital keys

NB-IoT Deadbolt Attachment Lock

Easily attach to your deadbolt on the inside of your door for touchless, keyless smartphone unlocking 

Digital Keys App

All NB-IoT Smartlocks work with the FREE Digital Keys app. Create time-sensitive digital keys in seconds and manage access to your assets from anywhere at anytime...learn more


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