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Meet our new smart padlock with 5G IoT

An electronic padlock with a game-changing cellular connection and 2 years battery life.

Connected access control with SIM inside smartlock means no onsite equipment or Wi-Fi for the first time ever. 

Why 5G IoT?

How can 5G IoT smartlocks bring value to your business?

Mobile network security

Cloud Management software

5G IoT smartlocks

IoT platform hosted at AWS


Restrict access by person, by date/time and by location

Find out how easy it is

Smartlocks are online with 5G IoT connectivity

Learn more about 5G IoT and in-built SIM cards

Real-time tampering notifications

Learn more about smartlock features

Real-time audit trail/live event notifications

Watch video

Remotely cancel digital keys/users anytime

Try it out

Mobile network security and military grade encryption

Stay secure with mobile networks


Vodafone secures their 5G lab with Digital Keys Smartlocks 

"Solutions like Digital Keys highlight the multiple options offered by our 5G IoT network, and open up a new world of possibilities for IoT".


Daniel Barallat, IoT Manager, Vodafone
Read the case study 


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