Introducing NB-IoT Smart Access


NB-IoT Deadbolt  

Keyless, touchless attachment

Commercial Mortise lock

NB-IoT Smartlock

NB-IoT Smart Padlock

Connected, weatherproof access

Get the most out of smart access


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A complete end-to-end solution by Digital Keys 

NB-IoT smartlock on a gate

NB-IoT Smartlocks for indoor/outdoor use

We bring smartlocks online with NB-IoT PCB's and iSIM cards and modules

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Digital Keys NB-IoT smart access smartphone app

Digital Keys Smartphone Apps

Available to download for FREE from online stores

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NB-IoT smart access access management software

Access Management Software 

Get a 360 view of all your smartlocks in one account 

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NB-IoT Platform and API's

Integrated to Global IoT network with hosting options available

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Instead of using Wi-Fi in our smartlocks (Wi-Fi was designed mostly for streaming videos) we have SIM cards inside and connect to the internet with NB-IoT (a 5G standard technology built specifically for smart device communications)

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All our smartlocks work with NB-IoT

Our smartlocks take advantage of mobile network encryption and security features including IPSEC security, Private VPN, 2048 bit RSA Chipset security, and 256 bit SSL encryption. No onsite network infrastructure required.

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Utilises Mobile Network Security

Remote unlocking and tracing

Unlock our NB-IoT smartlocks with your smartphone, keycards, PIN's and in our cloud-based software. Receive live notifications when smartlock was opened/closed by whom at what time. Cancel digital keys at anytime with one click.

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Solutions like Digital Keys highlight the multiple options offered by our NB-IoT network, and open up a new world of possibilities for IoT.


Daniel Barallet, IoT Manager, Vodafone


Forget Wi-Fi.
Get better security, reliability and battery life with no onsite equipment

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi/BLE smartlocks so you can get the most secure, efficient, battery powered, internet connected access control system for all your buildings, sites and assets with no onsite equipment or infrastructure.


NB-IoT Smartlocks   

Wi-Fi/BLE Smartlocks   

Internet Connected Timed Access Control

Long Battery Life (2-5 years)

No Onsite Equipment

No Onsite Power

One account for smartlocks at various sites

Mobile Network Security and Encryption

Get secure connected access control

The technology our smartlocks connect to the internet with is called Narrowband IoT(NB-IoT). In a nutshell, it is a narrowband and low power technology that exists on mobile networks to handle small amounts of two-way data transmission in an efficient, secure, and reliable manner. 

Digital Key unlocking and access control

Unlock with the Digital Keys app over the NB-IoT network from anywhere. You can also unlock without the app, using PIN or NFC keycards/tokens (program once over NB-IoT). Use the app to make the digital keys for any date and time period. 

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Using a Touch Phone