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How to get started with Asset Management Software

Updated on 15/8/2023

What is the Asset Management Software?

The Asset Management Software is a cloud-based software account for managing and controling access to your 5G IoT smartlocks, and the assets they secure.

To begin using your software account, follow these steps;

Step 1. Log into your account from anywhere in the world from the URL provided to you when you ordered your locks, or from clicking on the login button on the top of the digital keys website 

Step 2. Enter your email you used when you paid for your 5G IoT smartlocks as your username. Your password is emailed to you in a seperate email from (you can change this password in your profile settings). If you have not received your password yet, check your spam or email

Step 3. Edit your smartlock and asset details to whatever you want. Your smartlocks are added to your account when they are shipped, with the default names 'Smartlock 1', 'Smartlock 2' etc (depending on how many smartlocks you order), and they are all attached to one Asset with the default name 'Asset 1'. The reasons for having the smartlocks attached to an asset is so you can locate them on a map, and also know which address they are at (for notifying your users, and for knowing where multiple locks are located, and for tracking users across sites (see events table, and associated notifications). 


Step 4. Change the name of your asset(s) and smartlock(s). You can change the name of your Asset and add more assets (and attach smartlocks from asset 1 to the new asset) in the Assets page (click on 'Assets' in the side menu). To edit the asset details, click on the ID number box in the list, and this will bring up a seperate page where you can edit the fields such as asset name, address, longitude, latitude etc (for attaching the asset as a PIN to the map on the home page). 

Once you are happy with the details of your asset(s), you can move any smartlocks around from the default Asset 1 to your new assets you have just created (if you have multiple locks at multiple locations). To do this, click on the 'view smartlocks' box, and this will pull up all the smartlocks currently attached this asset. To move the smartlock to a different asset click on the ID box next to the smartlock name, and this will pull up a new page with details about the smartlock (name, description etc). Under the heading 'Asset', you can pull down a drop down menu, with all the assets you have created appearing here. Simply choose the Asset you want to attach your smartlock too from the drop down list, and click save. You can also edit the name of your smartlock and give it a description here (the description could be a note yourself or to your user to help locate the smartlock on a site, for example 'for side gate, to the left of the main building in front of car park). See video below demonstarting this.

You should be ready now to start interacting with your smartlocks (creating digital keys, remote unlock etc). You will also need to add users to your account, if you intend for anyone else other than yourself to get digital keys to your smartlocks (see how to add users page for this here).

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