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Updated on 15/8/2023

In the smartlocks page, all your smartlocks in your account are listed, and you can directly interact with them here. The controls for your smartlock are shown with icons in the far right column. Here you can remotely unlock your smartlock (make sure your smartlock is connected to the network - to connect someone needs to be onsite to press the connect buttons which is "1C". You can also set up permanent NFC cards, and permanent PIN's for your smartlock here. To edit the smartlock, click on the edit icon, or click on the ID box next to the smartlock name. You can edit the smartlock and description here, and also change the asset that you want the smartlock attached to. You can also view the IMEI here, which is also displayed on a sticker on the back of your smartlock, so you know which is the corresponding smartlock (for customers with multiple smartlocks). Note: do not edit the IMEI number, this number is a unique number that identifies the unit in the system (also for the network operators).

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