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Digital Keys app quick start guide

Updated on 15/8/2023

Download App & Sign in

  1. Download the Digital Keys app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

  2. Open the Digital Keys app 

  3. Tap [Email]

  4. Enter your email (use the same email that your account owner used to register you in the asset management software. You should have received an email from digital keys when you were registered in the software as a user, with a password in it)

  5. Tap [Password] 

  6. Enter your password (which you received in an email from digital keys when you were registered as a user).

  7. Tap [LOGIN] button.

How to Unlock for all users, guests, account owners etc

  1. Open the Digital Keys app

  2. You will be taken directly to the Digital Keys page with all your 'Active' digital keys and 'upcoming' digital keys listed.  You can scroll down if you have multiple digital keys in each list. The name of the smartlock which you have access to is written at the top of the card in the lists. This usually corresponds with the name on the smartlock (usually written on the smartlock e.g lock 318) or your account owner may choose to provide a more detailed description here to help you locate the smartlock that your digital key opens (e.g upstairs third door on right, with 67 on the door)

  3. Tap in the card of the digital key you want to use

  4. Press unlock button to unlock. NOTE: You will need to hold your app within 5 centimetres from the centre of the numberpad on the smartlock.

  5. To re-lock the smart padlock, press 2C or hit 'lock' button. For smart doorlock, the lock will automatically lock when it closes.

  6. When the expiry time comes for your digital key, it will disappear from your app.

NOTE: If you have the app open when a digital key is being generated for you by the account administrator, you will need to hit the refresh button for the new digital key to appear (or logout and log back in again).

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