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Updated on 15/8/2023

The ‘Users’ feature enables the account administrator to add users to their account, so they can be have their movement tracked around sites (with multiple smartlocks and multiple sites) and so the users can also receive their digital keys in their Digital Keys smartphone app.

To add a new user

1. Create new 'User’ by selecting the left menu item named ‘Users’, or click the ‘add new user’ button on the home dashboard.


2. Fill in all details for your new user. For your new user to receive their digital key in their digital keys app, you need to enter their email and create them a password, and then they will use that email and password to log into the digital keys app. Click submit when finished entering the details in all the fields.


3 After clicking ‘submit’ the user is added to the system, and is listed amongst other Users in a table and stored in the system (e.g see below). You are ready now to create time-sensitive digital keys for this user, and track their use in events.

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