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Updated on 15/8/2023

The ‘Delete Digital Key’ feature enables the account administrator to delete a users digital key. This feature is handy if the users end their need to have a digital key in the original time span you selected for them (such as ending of a lease, or if you don’t want a family or friend to have the digital key anymore for whatever reason). To delete a digital key select the ‘trashcan’ icon from side menu bar as shown below. This will then delete the digital key from the end users app, and wipe their PIN code from the locks memory. Of course to delete a digital key, you need to first generate a digital key – see  ‘Create digital key’ page for how to do this.

NOTE: The smartlock needs to be connected to the network for this. The smartlock is scheduled for a weekly or bi-weekly wake up (so the digital key will delete at the scheduled wake up times) or at anytime anyone wakes the lock up and connects to the network in between the scheduled wake up times. 

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