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Updated on 15/8/2023

The ‘REMOTE UNLOCK BUTTON feature enables authorized users to unlock their locks/doors at anytime without having to generate a digital key. This feature is handy if you have infrequent visitors and you don’t want to generate a digital key and/or for an end user who does not have the digital keys app.


1. Select smartlocks from the left side menu.


2. Click the padlock icon (see arrow) next to the smartlock you want to unlock and that lock will unlock (the end-user will need to press a physical wake up button on the lock for the unlock command to execute).


3. This unlock will feature in the events table (in addition to all other events) as shown below.


NOTE: After you hit unlock, someone will need to be on site at the smartlock to press the connect to network button (number 1C on numberpad) which wakes it up and connects it to the network to enable the unlock command to come down. The account administrator needs to wait for the lock to connect to the network before pressing the remote unlock icon.

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