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NB IoT smart lock motivations

Are you motivated to buy smart lock access control systems?

Well to answer this question, we'll need to start at the top, and define what is access control.

A simple dictionary definition of access control;

Access Control: The practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, a room or area to authorised persons.

Anyone who has ever worked in an office or visited an office in a big city, should be familiar with access control systems. Perhaps office workers know access control systems as “keycards” or “keycard systems”.

So generally “office keycards” allow you to get into the common office areas, in addition to your office (if you have one), but you can’t unlock your boss’s office, or the computer server room, or another office on another floor. So why is this important?

It’s all about security - safely securing items, assets, data, and other office workers from people who are 'unauthorised' to enter. Or put simply, you don’t want people to get into your office when you are there or not there - for example when you are in a meeting at the other end of the office, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone walking in off the street, or from another office, and going into your office to steal your phone, and/or access your PC, or go through your bag.

In an office environment where there are always people coming and going, visitors, cleaners, couriers etc, it's clear that ‘security’ is very important - that is controlling who goes where at what time - that is access control.

But what about other environments? What about other buildings, do they need access control security too? - what are the motivational factors for other people, other organisations, or other places to get access control? Is it always simply a security thing?

For example a tennis club might be motivated to get access control so they can separate members from casual users - members could have their own “digital key” to access the courts at any time, where as the casual users only have access for the time they have paid and booked. A home owner might want to provide access to contractors renovating their house, or dog walkers, or the baby sitters. They want to easily be able to "take their key away" when they've finished needing access to your house, or provide it at certain times each week. NB IoT smart lock access control solutions offer these benefits.

Over the next few blog posts we will explore the different motivations for different people, different organisations or different places to get NB IoT access control systems, other than simply for security. So check back in next week, to see if we cover your group on here!

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