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Scaling our NB-IoT smart access business

Digital Keys Pty Ltd is on an exciting mission to transform the business from smart lock sales company, into a leading IoT-based security systems business through strategic partnerships, platform integrations and global scalability.

We aim to disrupt the way businesses control access and security for their assets and properties which is so important these days as threats such as cybersecurity increase.

Companies around the world must meet new Government regulations regarding data retention and their management of security, data, and human factor related behavioural risks.

In recent times the physical security industry has been unable to keep up to all these new security demands and global technological changes. The market has been undergoing rapid disruption with the growth of new smartlock startups such as Latch, August, and Igloohome. For example, Latch recently began trading on the NYSE in June 2021, through a SPAC listing that raised $453 million and values the company at over $1.5 billion.

However, most existing smartlock solutions in the marketplace have been exposed as hackable, insecure and unreliable - over 75% of the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smartlocks on the market have been proven to be easily hacked – e.g see cnet article here.

For the last 3 years Digital Keys has been working with Mobile Network Operators across the globe, and with leading tech companies such as Ericsson, Vodafone, and Amazon Web Services(AWS) to develop an intelligent connected access control solution with a new communications technology called Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

Iteration 1 of our NB-IoT smartlock Aug 2017

Iteration 2 and 3 of our NB-IoT smart locks 2018/2019

Iteration 4 of our NB-IoT smartlocks 2021

In Australia where our company Digital Keys Pty Ltd is based, all 3 mobile network operators Telstra, Optus and Vodafone completed nationwide NB-IoT rollouts in 2020.

With the launch of our Commercial NB-IoT Smartlock solution in Europe in 2019, where we sold over 1100 units in the first month of release, and after working with Vodafone in their NB IoT labs in their HQ in the UK, our company is now focused on expanding the availability of the product on more networks in other countries, and establishing secure, trusted manufacturing and supply chains to meet local and global demands.

Digital Keys NB-IoT smartlock products offer better security, better reliability, better battery life and better affordability over their Wi-Fi/Bluetooth rivals. For example, NB-IoT smartlocks achieve 2-5 years battery life as compared to only 3-6 months for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth smartlocks (they are always on). Our NB-IoT smartlocks remain in a sleep mode most the time, only waking up for a couple of seconds at a time to receive unlock commands/data extractions such as who opened which door at which time.

The IoT market is really heating up. After years of technological advancement and market development, IoT is poised to unearth a world of untapped ICT opportunities. With the possibility of connecting hundreds of billions of devices, IoT technology is creating new business opportunities for service providers in various domains. In a $1463 billion IoT market (according to a recent leading market research company report see here) there is exciting scope to accelerate and scale new IoT security products, and to take advantage of new business models in big data analytics, AI, and automations.

By adding new IoT products/services/platform integrations and establishing trusted manufacturing supply chains, it opens new market opportunities and enables our company Digital Keys to secure bulk sales opportunities; bid on large ‘smart city’ tenders; and establish new partnerships and business models.

Trust is an important factor in the physical security industry, and we intend to build this trust by proving our products in the marketplace with the support of our current partners Ericsson, AWS, up to 35 mobile network operators, and with trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers and local system integrators.

Our mission is to to empower companies and individuals to replace their metal keys with digital key systems so they can become more efficient, save time and money, and improve management of security, data, and human factor related behavioural risks.

Our partnerships and sales requests, in addition to already delivering a product to market with sales to large customers in Europe, are testament to our mission. Our product has already been sold in Europe to customers including Zurich Insurance Company for use in their offices, in BBVA banks, a Spanish University, and offices and hotels.

To date we have grown steadily and developed strong brand equity in the physical security and IoT market. This will continue, but the business has been undergoing changes recently to ensure it has a start-of-the-art product, and an agile dynamic team required to design, develop and deploy IoT technology-based products and services at scale globally.

If you are interested in joining us on our journey to build IoT market leading products, services and technologies that prioritises platform security, customer access and brand trust through strategic partnerships and global scalability send us an email


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