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How do I unlock the 5G IoT smartlocks

Updated on 15/8/2023

To unlock the smart padlock and smart doorlock, you may use:

PIN code
To unlock with PIN code, tap the keypad on the Padlock, and key in your PIN code (the PIN code is generated in the Asset Management Software for any date and time period.


Digital Key app unlock

For iPhone users; you may unlock in the digital keys app by pressing the 'unlock button' in the app (after a digital key is generated for you in the Asset Management Software for a any date and time period.

For Android users; you simply need to open the app and have it running in the background, and then hold your phone within 5 centimetres to unlock it.


Remote unlock
You may unlock in the Asset Management Software by clicking on the remote unlock button next to your listed smartlocks.
 You don't need to generate a digital key for the remote unlock in the software, simply click on the unlock icon button. This unlock is useful for one-time users, or people that don't want to use the digital keys app (e.g they can just ring up the account administrator when at the lock and ask the administrator to push the unlock button. NOTE: the lock must be woken up and connected to the network in order for it to recieve a remote unlock command.


NFC card unlock

You can unlock with one of the NFC cards provided in the box. 

To lock the padlock again, just press 2C on the numberpad or enter your PIN code again. The smart doorlock will automatically relock within 5 seconds. 

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