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9 Reasons why customers want to buy NB IoT Smart Access

NB IoT Smart Access control is here - here are 9 reasons for why NB IoT Smart access control is the best access control solution in the marketplace.

  1. Better Security

  • NB IoT is a new secure network built specifically for smart devices to communicate.

  • The mobile network itself, of which NB-IoT is a part, is a fully managed network with mature and standardized security to guarantee the credential and integrity of all data running in it, comparing with unlicensed solutions.

  • ​NB-IoT as a mobile technology is applying 3GPP standardized security protocols at chipset level (3GPP is the organisation responsible for managing the mobile phone network). Huawei’s NB-IoT chipset included in our NB Smart Locks also applies 2048 Bit RSA encryption.

  • Between the vertical applications, all communications through platforms and over the network are running on HTTPs military grade encryption to provide application layer securities.

  • ​All other technologies and networks used in access control technologies have been exposed in recent times as being insecure and hackable.

  • Metal key locks can easily be cracked, snapped, jemmied open or have keys copied online, and anyone can learn how to do this by watching short YouTube videos.

2. Better Battery Life

  • NB IoT Smart Lock remains asleep, and can be woken up physically when required, or via NB IoT network

  • Lifespan around 2-3 years based on 10 openings per day from standard 4 AA Alkaline batteries

  • With 2 or 3 D batteries, lifespan can be increased to 5-10 years.

  • In comparison to Wi-FI/BLE products, they have only around 6 months to 1 year battery life or must be mains powered as the lock is always on, and listening for signals/communications. Many RFID solutions also require mains power and wiring.

3. No onsite network infrastructure so cost savings

  • No need for any other onsite network infrastructure (e.g as mentioned no need for Wi-Fi or mains power) – all electronics/infrastructure is included in the lock, so installation of lock is easy and similar to a mechanical lock.

  • Can provide immediate connection to the internet and to other smart connected devices without having to wait for a Wi-FI connection to be installed on sites (e.g great for new builds to secure sites early on in construction process e.g for secure deliveries, secure storage. Able to monitor and control access to sites, e.g smart lock/live audit acts like a punch card arrival system).

  • No need to train installers (simple install, no need to configure software/apps – out of the box connected solution)

  • Can deliver what is promised to the customer as product can be tested on site (without having to wait for Wi-Fi connection, and configuration with other smart devices)

  • Never have to call a locksmith or be locked out again.

4. Open up Big Data and create new business models

  • Platforms capture live audit of all unlocks (shows who opened which lock at what time) and can deliver instant notifications/messaging of audit to authorised user phones/anyone's phones.

  • Can interface to data analytics platforms and AI

  • Can create new business models for example, customising a digital keys app in Hotels branding, can capture details about guest such as ID, purchasing habits in hotel bar/restaurant etc, offer affiliate partnerships for upsells etc, and retain that data for analytics. Smaller hotels can pre-sell rooms in bulk to wholesalers, which was usually limited to large chain hotels, as digital keys can be sold to rooms in advance to say large conference groups etc.

  • Supports status and live activity of assets when grouped with other smart devices (to support big data analytics) e.g alarms, sensors – e.g know if asset is occupied at anytime, know if tampering has occurred instantly to lock/door

Come back next week to see reasons 5-9.

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