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5. Brings other smart devices and access control online together for more effective property management

  • When grouped with other smart devices, and specially designed software/apps/AI, can act as a real estate agent/property manager (e.g no need for real estate agents to visit houses for open inspections – digital keys can be created for one time access, and timers/cameras/sensors can monitor property. Access can also be linked to rental payments (pay rent, and access is provided with digital keys). Maintenance workers contact details can be provided in an app.

  • Visitors can easily be granted access anytime with digital keys for supported living. E.g Maintenance workers, nurses and social workers can download digital keys for access to elderly/disabled people’s houses

  • NB IoT connectivity can be one standard technology for all smart devices in buildings, and can be bought in bulk with other device partners products, or for many years at a time in advance (e.g 10 years connectivity).

  • NB IoT Smart access can easily be added to existing products to make “complete smart building kits” and sold all at once for smart buildings/smart cities project tenders.

6. Sharing economy opportunities

  • Can be used in a variety of locks/assets/applications (not reliant on being fixed in one place with network on- site and power on-site) and offer self-access for examples share bikes, share lockers, share accommodation, share shipping containers, share cars, share cargo containers, share storage spaces, share offices, share cabinets, share tennis courts, share sporting clubs etc,

  • Can be completely or partially automated

  • Share digital keys in a more professional, more secure, and money saving way. E.g never have to pay locksmiths ever again for lock-outs.

  • Gives competitive advantage – e.g millennials would rather stay in share in accommodation that has digital keys rather than making complicated arrangements to pick up keys/meet the key holder.

7. Future Proof

  • NB IoT is the only fully licenced Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)communication technology by the 3GPP – the organisation responsible for managing the mobile phone network which means that all activity is monitored, and controlled. NB IoT device partners are carefully selected globally and invited to build products on the NB IoT network – only 50-100 partners currently building products globally on NB IoT

  • NB IoT is not subject to disturbances - other LPWAN technologies such as Sigfox, and LoRa are subject to disturbances, and congestion, and are not controlled, meaning insecurities and unreliability as anyone can send data in these frequencies at anytime with out permissions.

  • Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth system are an old technology designed for sending large parcels of data such as files, and video’s, and are not designed specifically for communicating with other smart devices, and sending small parcels of data. This makes them insecure and less interoperable. In addition Wi-Fi/BLE solutions have problems such as reliability, pairing, congestion, connection issues, black spots, inconsistencies.

8. Flexible/interoperable

  • NB IoT is at the centre of the co-everything model which is new ecosystem of partners emerging with a combination of horizontal, vertical and regional specialists combining their expertise and resources for large-scale IoT projects.

  • NB IoT is a best-in-class technology built by Huawei and Ericsson and based on global standards, and which can be repeatable, and cost effective.

  • As more organizations realize the importance of forming these types of partner ecosystems, we will see a shift away from single vendor solutions, which will accelerate IoT innovations.

8. Cross Market support, and industry support across verticals

  • Take advantage of Government’s increasing aggressive guidelines and regulations around IoT security, privacy and interoperability, and build better relationships with Governments and cross market opportunities.

  • Governments as regulators, agenda setters and customers have already played a pivotal role in driving IoT adoption from smart grids to food safety tracking. For example, Spain local Governments have begun fining Spanish banks for not filling vacant homes from mortgage default repossessions, and banks are looking for an IoT solution for more effective, more efficient, and cost saving property management.

  • The NB-IoT is currently supported by over twenty of the world’s largest mobile operators, cumulatively worth over $578 billion, who provide communications to over 2.9 billion customers and geographically serve over 90% of the IoT markets in 79 countries.

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