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Account set up and users

Updated on 15/8/2023

After you purchase your smartlock(s) we will set up a cloud based Asset Management Software account for you. We will email you the link to log into your account (or you can log in at the digital keys website by clicking the 'log in' button at the top of the home page).  In addition we will email you a random password, which you can change to a password of your choosing after you first log in. Your username will be the same email you used to purchase the lock. 

Naming your smartlocks

Once you get into your account, you will see the smartlock(s) you purchased listed in the smartlocks menu - it will be titled smartlock 1, smartlock 2, smartlock 3 etc. You will need to attach the smartlock to an asset (e.g the building or site name it is used at) and you can also rename your smartlock to anything you want - for example padlock for side gate, or padlock for cabinet 84028, or simply lock1 (please see video below explaining this). When you click on the smartlock ID number next to the name of your smartlock it will reveal it's IMEI number, which is it's identifier number. There will also be a sticker on the back of the lock with the corresponding IMEI number. We suggest when you change the name of your smartlock that you write the new name of the smartlock on the padlock with a permanent marker or a label maker, so you know which smartlocks you are communicating with/setting digital keys for (for multiple locks in your account). It's also useful for a remote unlock, for example if someone is at the smartlock then can ring you and look at the lock name on the sticker on the lock, lets say its smartlock 4, and ask you to remotely unlock  smartlock 4 in the software.

Adding users to your account

You can add users to your software system, for your co-workers, friends, family, or anyone to receive digital keys and to unlock the smartlocks in your account (and for you to track their events (ie, what time, they unlocked which smartlock). When you set up a new user (see video here) you (account owner) will still be the only person who can access your software account. When you generate a digital key for your user, they will need to download the digital keys app from the online app stores (just once), and use the email address that you used to register them in the system, to log in to their app and to get the digital key that you generated for them. It will appear in their app immediately after you have generated the digital key for them, as either 'active' or if its for a future date, it will show up in the app as 'upcoming'. 

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