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Can I use your 5G IoT smartlocks for my specific application?

Updated on 15/8/2023

Our smartlocks will work 'out of the box' in 40 countries on 5G IoT networks (5G IoT networks include NB-IoT and LTE-M). The locks will work anywhere there is mobile network. So if your phone works where you want to use your smartlocks, then the smartlocks will also work here. You won't need any supporting onsite equipment, or onsite network infrastrucutre or onsite power for our smartlocks to work where you want them to work. That's right, you don't need Wi-Fi, or routers or modems, or bridges or hubs or anything like that. Our smartlocks connect to the internet with in built SIM cards. 

Our smart padlock and smart doorlock is weatherproof and designed to work in temperates from -20C to 70C, and in rain, snow etc. 

If you want to use your own software or apps or integrate to any other software and apps for your specific application, then you welcome to use our API's for this. Find our API's here.

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