How it works

Our NB IoT Smart Access products include NB IoT smart locks, Digital Keys apps, lock management software, NB IoT platform and API's 

Connect with your smartlocks from anywhere

Control your smartlocks from anywhere with no onsite equipment or network infrastructure.

NB-IoT/LTE-M Module

U-Blox SARA 4 series supports NB-IoT, LTE-M,LTE, CAT-M, and 2G/3G fallback 

iSIM Card

Included with all smartlocks and 500MB pre-paid data to connect to Global NB-IoT network

Over the Air

Updates and remote configurations can be carried out over the air, including SMS wake-up.

Global IoT Network connectivity with a single SIM

All of our NB-IoT smartlocks are fitted with iSIM cards and tiny modems enabling them to connect to the Global IoT network. Our IoT platform is hosted at AWS, Microsoft Azure or use our API's and integration guides to host in your own cloud environment (enterprise customers/partners)



Hosted at AWS, Azure, or your cloud environment for apps/software + routes to Global IoT Network

Available on 160 Nationwide Mobile Networks in over 60 countries^

Data transfers and

communications via 

UDP/TCP/COAP Protocols

2 Factor Authentication

2048 bit RSA 


Private VPN

Local unlocking with NFC^^




256 Bit SSL 


Mobile Network


Developer API

MQTT/LwM2M Protocol
FreeRTOS. iSIM included

3GPP Security


Download apps for free from online stores to control access and unlocking for time-sensitive use 

Smartlocks include iSIM's + 500MB pre-paid data* & IoT Modules (NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, 2G/3G)**

No onsite equipment

For the first time ever time-limited access control normally limited to hotels and offices (which usually requires onsite PC's, wiring, servers, card writer devices, mains power etc) is available to use anywhere.

Mobile Network Security

Take advantage of the mobile networks inbuilt securities and encryption. NB IoT Smart Access is controlled by a number of layers of security implemented throughout the system.

Incredible Battery Life

Lock is powered by 4AA alkaline batteries (2 years battery life) or 2 2450mAH 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries - lifespan 5 years assuming 4 activation's per day (from NB-IoT Certification Testing).

Your data is protected

Only you have access to your data, which is hosted at Amazon Web Services cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud in your local country. Your data is secure and doesn't leave your own country.

Features to help you better manage your assets

Smartphone unlocking

A simple, user-friendly, end-to-end smart access control system for use anywhere. 


Connected, cloud system

Facilitates physical security/access management of buildings in new ‘connected’ ways


Less Costs

No physical labour involved in key management and distribution (end-user self automated)

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Easy Installation anywhere

It is not restricted by onsite power and onsite network infrastructure.


Better than Wi-Fi/BLE rivals

A system more reliable, more affordable and more secure than rival Wi-Fi/BLE smart locks


Safety Tracking

Meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements for employee tracking/reporting 


Higher Security with NB IoT

NB IoT is the only licensed IoT communications technology globally, offering enhanced security


Many Opening Methods

Unlock with smartphone apps, software, time-sensitive PIN, NFC cards/tokens, metal key 


Better customer experience

Stress free and easy access to the rented or managed property with digital keys


An efficient system for your access management 

NB-IoT Platform

Hosted at Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure in your local country (data retained in your country) or hosted in your own cloud environment (enterprise customers)

iSIM and 500MB pre-paid data for connecting to the Global IoT Network provided by 1NCE (available in 20 countries)


256 Bit SSL, MFA, IAM (AWS), IPSEC/VPN, Mobile Network security features, 2048 Bit RSA encryption (chipset)

Provided for free by Digital Keys Ltd, or use our Developer API to add the Digital Keys app features such as NB-IoT unlock and NFC unlock, NFC keycard write to your own app.

Smart Access Management Software

Provided by Digital Keys Ltd, or use our Developer API to add the access management features to your own customer facing software

Provided by Digital Keys Ltd. We buy top selling keycard lock casings off the shelf without PCB's (and insert our NB-IoT PCB's) to ensure the lock is top quality, strong and meets CE, FCC, ISO, RoHS certifications

Ready to get started with NB-IoT Smart Access?

Global IoT Network Connectivity

Digital Keys Smartphone App

NB-IoT Smartlock

*All our NB-IoT smartlocks come fitted with a free iSIM card and 500MB of pre-paid data to connect to the Global IoT Network (NB-IoT, LTE-M)

Our iSIM's work in 20 countries and last approximately 2-5 years (based on 3-6 activations a day). See available countries on our network coverage map page here.

Recharge with 500MB plans for USD$10 available on our website or from our Global IoT Network provider partner 1NCE 

^See participating Mobile Network Operators with IoT networks (NB-IoT, LTE-M) on their towers nationwide at GSMA page here

^^Local NFC unlocking (with NFC compatible phones, cards, rings etc) can be used after programming the smartlocks once for time-sensitive use over NB-IoT network and writing to cards with digital keys app

**NB-IoT smartlocks powered by 4AA standard alkaline batteries (Life approx 2 years with 4-6 activations a day) or use 2 2450mAH lithium thionyl chloride 3.6V batteries to extend life to approx 5 years

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