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Smart Locks Can Be Sexy

As technology has advanced the need to make that technology accessible hasn’t been quite as quick to keep pace. Interfaces and hardware seemed to be as complex as the technology it took to build it. Thankfully, smart locks are finally getting a makeover they deserve.

Smart locks usually focus on the ease of access, and casually leave smart design behind believing that the new technology enough to persuade consumer to invest in the new tech. However, as we saw with the booming success of Apple and Nest, an eye for design is what ultimately separates something interesting to something that we feel that we want to be a part of our lives. While there are a great number of technologies that are interesting to consider investigating, there is nothing more attractive than a good technology that is paired with a clean and simple design.

Instead of bulky lock systems that may incorporate multiple hubs or added infrastructure that clutter a space, the Bjarke Ingels Group and Friday Labs have come together to create an elegantly designed smart lock solution. This redesigned lock, inspired by “Scandanavian design”, unlocks automatically as you approach your front door because it’s synced to your mobile device.

While this lock is not available on the market yet, pre-orders are available and is available in a variety of metal finishes that include steel, bronze, and brass. Claiming to be “the smallest retrofit smart lock on the market”, its sleek profile could make a great addition to any entryway.

Powered by a battery pack, we can’t help but wonder what the longevity of the lock is as no information is posted on the website. Great design, while initially intended to look good, should also be designed to provide the best user experience possible. Because these locks aren’t on the market yet, we will have to wait and see if the quality and security of the lock can stand the test of the market.

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